Schedule Pa Mac's for your next festival, conference, meeting, or event!

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I really do talk...and you can hear me at your next festival, conference, meeting, or banquet!

It's always a privilege to talk to and with like-minded farm and homestead folks about a number of topics—especially inspiring a spark in the younger generations for individual liberty and enjoying the work of their hands—all while benefitting from the fruit of their own labors. Depending on distances to events, I can also demonstrate old-fashioned farming or wood-working skills for the small farm or homestead.

I'm available to speak or demonstrate at a limited number of homesteading conferences, scout meetings, FFA or 4-H events, homeschool conventions, graduation ceremonies, father-son retreats, church conferences, banquets or other similar events each year.

The following are possible speaking topics or demonstrations (however, with advance notice, I can prepare a topic at your request):

  • Practical Reasons for the Small Farm (or Homestead) Life
  • Getting Started Homesteading
  • Self-sufficiency on the Small Farm (or Homestead)
  • Lessons Learned From the Southern Traditional Farm
  • A Recipe for Successful Farming (or Homesteading)
  • The Farm Family—Past and Future
  • The Great American Farmer/Patriots
  • Reasons for Living a Self-sufficient Life
  • Character Building on the Farm
  • The Farmer—A Student of Nature
  • Farming (or Homesteading) for Your Health
  • Making Homemade Lumber with a Chainsaw
  • Outbuildings for the Homestead
  • Southern Traditional Farming (Speech or Demonstration)
  • 19th Century Woodworking on a Southern Traditional Farm (Demonstration)
  • 12 Things I Wish Somebody Would Have Said at My High School Graduation (for homeschool, private, or public graduation ceremonies)

Just email me here for booking information or to schedule a speech or demonstration for your next event.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements & Demonstrations

Scenes from Pa Mac’s Past Conferences and Workshops

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